The Toolbee X3 guarantee

365 day returns

You can return unused items or sets for a full refund within a year of delivery. (Note: Sets should be returned complete with free gifts.)

365 day exchanges

You can send me any unused items or sets to swap for something up to the same value – or use that value towards a larger purchase. (Note: Free gifts should be exchanged with the complete set.)

5 year warranty

If there is any issue that prevents use of the item, simply send it to me and I’ll repair it or replace it with the same or similar item.

These are fabric items that will look more worn with use, so this doesn’t cover cosmetic issues, “wear & tear” or accidental damage. Free gifts are not covered.

There is a small shipping fee of $6.90 worldwide ($4.90 per additional item) for sending replaced/repaired/exchanged items from me to you.



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