I am currently not accepting orders and the website checkout is offline. You can sign up to the mailing list to be notified when this changes. (See right side of page. Or bottom of page on mobile screens.)

Due to health issue with my back there was a big delay in sewing the orders. This was a huge screw up on my side and I really can’t apologize enough for this and my lack of communication.

Orders / Refunds

I am currently producing the products and I will contact everyone individually before sending anything. I will also arrange refunds for those that no longer want their order. My apologies that this is a slow process.

In the future all products will be made and packaged before I accept any sales. – My original plan (sewing each item to order) was intented to give me more flexibility since I have so many products and only one person sewing (me).

Short overview of recent product changes:

New fabric on almost all the products. It took me 8 years to find fabric this good. It feels great in the hand and it’s very durable.

New ultra strong sewing thread.

New triple stitching on everything for durability (this means I sew every line three times).

I improved some of the designs and added some new models.

New Mini wallets added.

New slim pocket organizers added.

New hidden magnets replace the old style magnets.
These are fantastic and close automatically no matter how you let them go.

All the small pouches are ready to send.

As always, all profits go to help animals. Read more in the Mission page.