Toolbee Spider – The ultimate slim wallet

Now with optional Apple AirTag pocket

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• Awesome tool holders so you can be ready for life’s tasks
• Pull cards from your pocket with one hand
• Fit up to 10 cards (depending on tool thickness)
• Moisture and odor resistant fabric
• Machine washable

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The wallets

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Spider S1


A great minimalist option.
Fits 1 or 2 very slim tools like a prybar, a single-layer Swiss army knife or a house key (it can fit a few coins in the tool compartment too) – plus 3-7 cards and cash.

Spider S2


This is the one I use and recommend for most people.
It fits 2 small/medium tools like a pocket knife, pen, 2-3 layer Swiss army knife, 5″ (125mm) pliers or medium size multi tool (it can fit a few coins in a tool compartment too) – plus 3-10 cards and cash.

Spider S3


Great for a larger multitool (the one pictured is 3.5″ long – A Leatherman Wave is 4″ long) or up to 3 smaller tools – plus 3-10 cards and cash. Not ideal for coins.

Apple AirTag pocket

The Apple AirTag is a wireless tracker that helps you find lost items.

The Toolbee Spider wallet now comes with an optional external pocket which fits the AirTag or something else like a slim tool or a key.

The Toolbee X3 guarantee

1 year returns

You can return unused items for a full refund within a year of delivery.

1 year exchanges

You can return unused items to swap for something up to the same value.

5 year warranty

If there is any fault with the item, simply send it to me and I’ll repair it or replace it with the same or similar item.

Note: These are fabric items that will look more worn with use – so cosmetic issues are not covered.

Terms and conditions apply.

Why Toolbee exists

I created Toolbee so I can build what I hope will be the world’s largest group of sanctuaries and vet clinics for homeless animals.

We will start here in Israel where we have 2+ million cats and dogs on the street, many of them urgently needing medical care, food and a safe living space. (See more info on the Animal Rescue page.)

How it works

Please note some packages may take longer due to the pandemic.

Frequently Axed Questions

What materials do you use?

Toolbee fabrics are made from both synthetic (man-made) and plant fibers. Toolbee clips are made of stainless steel. Toolbee zips are made from nylon and a nickel alloy (mix of metals).**

Toolbee products contain almost no alien brain worms.

Can you make me something custom?

Probably not, but I’d love your ideas and feedback so feel free to get in touch.

Please don’t ask for Toolbee panties.

Are Toolbee products vegan?

As far as I know the materials and equipment we use contain no animal products.**

I am also designing a pouch made from tortillas. It’s a little mushy but great for everyday carry hummus.

Still have questions?

Message me

**Note: I cannot guarantee allergy suitability/safety.

Toolbee’s story

I’m just a guy who likes to make and fix stuff.

Here is a real photo of me fixing a London bus with my pliers.

Okay maybe it’s Photoshop.

I used to have hair, but I lost it in a tragic hair trimming accident (pictured).

I have a Youtube channel about filmmaking and other stuff I like.

I use annoying thumbnails like this

I’m also a photographer.

I don’t really enjoy the long hours but at least the pay is terrible.

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with tools for the past 20 years.

Some days I looked like a Blue-Cords-R-Us employee.

Then a few years ago I hand-sewed some pouches for myself.

They kept my tools safe next to my… ermm… lets call it my “cavity exploration thermometer”.

Then I started learning to use an old sewing machine.

Very slowly. Like a baby monkey.

The earlier ones were pretty crappy due to lack of skill.

So of course I had to purchase a better machine to “fix the problem”.

It’s big and grey so I feel manly while I sew pouches and sip my tea.

Then I tried to draw a logo. My first attempts would have been great for a kid’s TV show.

And the pouches were looking less like a child’s crafts project.

And after only billions and billions and billions of hours of work I finally had a nice looking logo.

And now after 3 years of hard work, I think these are the best pouches you can get.

So here we are. Toolbee has launched. I still don’t really know how to sew but I have a big sewing machine and that’s what matters.


Shipping is free via regular post.
Items ship from Israel to most countries.
After dispatch, delivery takes around 1-3 weeks depending on your country. Of course with the pandemic now there may be some delays.

Toolbee currently does not ship to: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Venezuela, or package redirection centers.

Any tools, knives, torches, machines, gadgets, phones, computers, cats or any other things shown in photos are only for illustration and are not included in any purchase. Note that while our goal is to help animals, Toolbee is currently registered as a for-profit business, as this was the fastest way to get started. Terms and conditions apply.