Toolbee S1 wallet

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The ultimate men’s wallet

• Awesome tool holders so you can be ready for life’s tasks.
• Pull cards from your pocket with one hand.
• Moisture and odor resistant fabric.
• Thick fabric for durability
• Triple stitched sewing for extreme strength.
• Machine washable (or just use a soft brush for light dirt).

What can it fit:
• Comfortably fits 6 cards without tools or 2-4 cards with tools.
• Fits cash folded in 3 (several notes for each card you remove).
• You can throw some coins in, though there’s no closure so it’s just for change until you get home or maybe a few emergency coins.
• Can fit small tools up to 6mm (1/4″) thick.

• Size: 10cm x 7.2cm / 3.9″ x 2.8″
• Thickness of all fabric layers without tools/cards: 4mm
• Weight: 25g / 0.88 oz

x1 Toolbee S1 wallet


Cleaning: Machine washable. Use cold wash and wash together with other things so the machine doesn’t wear out the corners of the pouches. I’ve not noticed any color transfer but it may be best not to wash them with white/bright shirts.

Safety: Do not use with super hot torches (hot enough to set fire to materials). Keep lanyards away from children or pets as they could be a choking hazard. Do not use the lanyard in a way that ties you to the car and prevents escape in emergency. Do not tie the lanyard around your body, neck, arms or legs. Toolbee products have not been tasted for the safety of mobile phones or other fragile items. Do not carry flammable items in a pouch that is attached to your body.

Not included: Any tools, knives, torches, machines, gadgets, cats or other things shown in photos are not included in the purchase. The only items included in the sale are the fabric products specifically listed in the “included items” section. Any items marked as free or gift are only included as part of a paid offer such as a set of products. They are not free on their own.

Toolbee products are hand made and may have imperfections. Terms and conditions apply.