Toolbee Wrist Boa – The world’s best ultra slim watch strap

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"One piece" means it goes under your watch. "Split" means it stops at the spring bars.
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• One of the slimmest straps in the world. Around 2mm thick when on the wrist – and around 3mm thick at the metal connectors.
• One of the lightest straps in the world. Around 6 grams in weight which goes amazingly with a lightweight watch (and very welcome on heavy watches too).
• No bulky clasps that snag on clothing and scrape your desk all day.
• Perfectly flat bottom for comfort when working on a laptop, desk, etc.
• Flexible and comfortable.
• breathable material.
• No arm hair pulling.
• No pressure points on the wrist.
• No adjustment holes – Infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit.
• Perfect sizing with no flappy bit or bulky folds at the end.
• Only 1 layer thick under the watch. Doesn’t add any visible height – but it does add some nice breathability under the watch.
• Machine washable.
• More durable than leather (which is a really horrible industry anyways – the world’s biggest producer of leather is China and much of it is actually cat and dog skin.)

Width: 20mm (also works great on 21mm watches as you can see on my Seiko).
Length: Order based on your wrist size and then cut the excess off at home – see video.

Included: x1 strap.
(Tools/watches not included)



Notes and safety: Toolbee products are hand made and may have small imperfections. Please be aware that these wrist straps are not “breakaway” and so should not be used for dangerous situations such as underwater diving or working near heavy machinery where they may get caught on something that may pull the user towards the machine. Any tools, knives, torches, machines, gadgets, cats or other things shown in photos/videos are not included in the purchase. The only items included in the sale are the fabric products specifically listed in the “included items” section. Machine washable. Use wash together with clothing so the corners don’t get hit too much. I’ve not noticed any color transfer but it may be best not to wash them with white/bright shirts.