About the maker

I’m just a guy who likes to make and fix stuff.
Here is a real photo of me fixing a bus with my pliers.
(Okay maybe it’s Photoshop)

I used to have hair, but I lost it in a tragic hair trimming accident (pictured).

I have a Youtube channel about filmmaking and other stuff I like.
I use annoying thumbnails like this

I am also a pro pro photographer.
I don’t really enjoy the long hours but at least the pay is terrible.

A few years ago I started making clips and pouches for my daily carry.
They kept my tools safe next to my.. erm.. lets call it my cavity exploration thermometer.

First they were hand-sewn, then I started learning to use an old sewing machine.. very slowly.. like a baby monkey.

I soon had to purchase a better machine. It’s big and grey so I feel manly while I sew pouches and sip my tea.

After that I worked on the brand name and logo… Some of my work was really questionable.

And here we are! I still don’t really know how to sew but I have a big ass sewing machine and that’s what matters.