Frequently Axed Questions

What materials do you use?

Toolbee fabrics are made from both synthetic (man-made) and plant fibers. Toolbee clips are made of stainless steel. Toolbee zips are made from nylon and a nickel alloy (mix of metals).****

Toolbee products contain almost no alien brain worms.

Can you make me something custom?

Probably not, but I’d love your ideas and feedback so feel free to get in touch.

Please don’t ask for Toolbee panties.

Why is there a 50% discount on sets? – Why not simple prices for everything?

Some of my costs don’t increase for larger orders. For example the advertising costs, some of the staff, some of the bills (rent, etc.) and most of the equipment. (Of course some of the costs do increase – like materials, shipping, sewing time, etc.)

I think discounting the sets is a great way to thank my customers. And it’s also a great deal, which increases sales, which helps me save more animals.

Are Toolbee products vegan?

As far as I know the materials and equipment we use contain no animal products.****

I am also designing a pouch made from tortillas. It’s a little mushy but great for everyday carry hummus.

Still have questions?

Message me

****Note: I cannot guarantee allergy suitability/safety.