Frequently Asked Questions

How are they made?

Toolbee pouches are hand made in my apartment. They will never be made in sweatshops.

If there are many orders I will hire local people to shout at me and make me sew faster.

Can you make me a _____________?

Feel free to ask. I’d love your ideas and feedback.

Please do not ask for willy warmers.

What are the materials?

Toolbee fabrics are made from both synthetic (man-made) and plant fibers. Toolbee pants clips are made of stainless steel.

Toolbee products contain almost no alien brain worms.

Is Toolbee production ethical/sustainable/green?

That is part of my goal. We will be planting trees to offset the carbon footprint of all company operations, including materials, delivery and staff transportation.

Toolbee promises it will limit company dumping of plastic into the ocean to no more than 1000 straws per year. (Joking)

Are Toolbee products vegan?

As far as I know the materials I use contain no animal products at all.

I am currently designing a pouch made entirely of tortilla wraps. It’s a little mushy but great for everyday-carry hummus.

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