The world’s best* everyday carry pouches with 91 features and benefits

*World’s best is just the maker’s opinion.

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Pouch sets

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Pro set

Awesome carry options for work or just for everyday tasks. For the dude (or gal) who loves everyday carry. This would make a killer gift too.

Pouches included:

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Maker set

Mega versatile for both light carry and serious tasks. This set has all my favorites.

Pouches included:

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*The Blue Mud Wasp is limited to 300 units. Check availability here.


Master set

A fantastic set if you want the option to carry a big set of tools.

(19 still available)

Set options

In any pouch set you can upgrade from the Honeybee (open top + zip on front pocket) to the Bumblebee (Flap top with slim magnet snaps) for $19 extra.

The front pocket of the Bumblebee stretches more – apart from this they feel basically the same to use so it’s just a matter of style/preference.

*The Blue Mud Wasp is limited to 300 units. Check availability here.

The Toolbee X3 guarantee

1 year returns

You can return unused items for a full refund within a year of delivery.

1 year exchanges

You can return unused items to swap for something up to the same value.

5 year warranty

If there is any fault with the item, simply send it to me and I’ll repair it or replace it with the same or similar item.

Note: These are fabric items that will look more worn with use, so cosmetic issues and standard “wear and tear” are not covered. Free gifts are not covered by warranty.

Notes: Free gifts cannot be returned/exchanged alone. Sets can only be returned/exchanged complete with all free gifts. We may ask for a small shipping fee of $6.90 worldwide (+$4.90 per additional item) for sending replaced/repaired/exchanged items from us to you. Terms and conditions apply.

Why Toolbee exists

I created Toolbee so I can build what I hope will be the world’s largest group of sanctuaries and vet clinics for homeless animals.

We will start here in Israel where we have 2+ million cats and dogs on the street, many of them urgently needing medical care, food and a safe living space.

(See more info on the Animal Rescue page.)

My cats – I have 12 at the moment.

How it works

Production timeline

Nov/Dec 2020

Accepting preorders.

Meanwhile, teaching my kittens how to sew.

Jan/Feb 2021

Estimated time for shipping out the first batch.

Please note there may be delays due to Covid-19.

March/April 2021

Toolbee wallets coming to Kickstarter!

The story of Toolbee

7-year-old me uses dad’s drill to make holes in cardboard. An obsession with making is born.

(Photo taken 20+ years later)

In my younger years I spent a lot of time making stuff – like budget filmmaking gear for myself.

A few years ago I started making carrying solutions for my tools. – And that’s how the idea was born.

I spent the past three years learning to sew, improving the products, learning business, etc.

And now (three sewing machines later) I’m super happy with the products and ready to launch.


Items ship from Israel to most countries.
After dispatch, delivery takes around 1-3 weeks.
Shipping costs $6.90 worldwide – Or free on orders over $39.

Toolbee currently does not ship to: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Venezuela, or package redirection centers.


Cleaning: If they get dusty – use a soft brush. If they get really dirty you can throw them in a washing machine on a cold wash. I’ve not noticed any color transfer but it may be best not to wash them with bright color shirts.

Imperfections: Toolbee products are hand made and may have small imperfections.

Money: While our goal is to help animals, Toolbee is currently registered as a for-profit business, as this was the fastest way to get started. Learn more

Not included: Any tools, knives, torches, machines, gadgets, phones, computers, cats or any other things shown in photos are only for illustration and are not included in the purchase.

Features: The number of features and benefits depend on the model/set purchased.

Free gifts: Any items on this site marked as “free” are only free as part of a paid offer, such as a set of products. – They are not free on their own.

Terms and conditions apply.


We have launched! Woo!

3 weeks added to launch period

Unfortunately we had some kittens that needed urgent care which delayed some of the promotion work needed for the launch. We’ve added another staff member to care for them to reduce any further delays.

Individual products

Toolbee Glow Worm


A glow in the dark lanyard for your keys or tools.

Toolbee Fly


This clip less pouch is great for slipping in a pocket, bag, or just for safe storage of your favorite knife or tool.

Toolbee Pocket Firefly


A clip-less light diffuser that is awesome as a desk light, mood light, tent light and night light.

Toolbee Firefly


A quick-access pouch that doubles as a torch diffuser. Fits torches or other tools up to 25mm/1″ in diameter. Comes in black or yellow (light diffuser version) and 9 length options to fit most torches.

Toolbee Greenfly


limited edition
Only available during launch

A green version of the Toolbee Fly slip pouch. This clip-less pouch is great for slipping in a pocket, bag, or just for safe storage of your favorite knife or tool.

Toolbee Dragonfly


Ultra fast access to tools. Also great clipped onto a pocket to hold a folding knife that has no clip. Comes in black or red.

Toolbee Wasp


Ultra light and stylish. Perfect for a small multitool, torch or pocket knife. Closes with an ultra slim magnetic snap. Has an emergency money or band-aid compartment in the flap.

Toolbee Mayfly


A great little pouch for small knives, tools and screwdriver bits. Perfect for 58mm Swiss Army knives.

Toolbee Hornet


A quick-access pouch with 3 pockets and 2 side loops. I often use it for measuring and marking tools.

Toolbee Fire Ant


A 4 pocket pouch with a smaller main pocket and smaller front pockets than the Hornet. Great for quick access to slimmer tools.

Toolbee Scorpion


3 slim magnetic snaps close over tools up to 12cm long. The tight double-thickness elastic front pocket is great for adding a slim tool and it has a secret compartment in the flap.

Toolbee Moth


Gives you quick access to screwdriver bits, drill bits, screws, etc. Carry exactly what you need right now and switch in seconds as needed. Makes your work faster and easier – without carrying heavy tool belts filled with consumables. Also great for little sets, like first aid, survival, dog treats, etc.

Toolbee Moth Zips

$4 – $6

Swappable zip compartments for your Moth pouch. Clear but tough. Note: The final versions will change slightly. I am waiting for materials delivery.

Toolbee Honeybee


My most used pouch. It’s super versatile and is the heart of the Toolbee system. It grips onto your pants with two clips and can fit most torches, multi-tools, pepper sprays, knives, etc. The zip pocket is awesome for small stuff – daily essentials, work tools or even survival gear.

Toolbee Bumblebee


Almost the same as the Honeybee, but with a magnetic top flap instead of the zip. The front elastic pocket holds tight onto smaller gear. It has a secret compartment in the flap too.

Toolbee Mantis


An excellent pouch with two belt-clips and lots of pockets for larger tools. This size of pouch still works great without a belt, it just depends how heavy the gear is and how many other pouches you want to wear with it. It has 10 pockets and loops, 5 of them elastic.

Toolbee Blue Mud Wasp


Super limited edition
300 still available of 300 total

A blue version of the Toolbee Wasp pouch, and named after a very cool insect – the blue mud wasp (photos).

Toolbee Gecko

From $19

This elastic strap attaches Toolbee pouches to your workspace or whatever else Available in 3 sizes.

(Note: I did the photo on my drill press, but this may be unsafe to do. I do not recommend attaching this to any machines.)

Toolbee Cobra


Toolbee pouches are great without a belt for most uses, but the Cobra is great if you need to load up with heavy tools.
Thick double-layer elastic fabric contours around your body to distribute the weight over a wide area for superb comfort. A slimmer third layer holds your pouches. Custom made to size.